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Shen Ming Lee strives to be an empowering leader, a passionate performer, a proactive team member and most of all, a game changer. She is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur passionate about agri-food technology, social impact, entrepreneurship, and brand management. Through her work, she empowers and supports agri-food innovators, tackles pressing food issues, and advocates for tech innovations in a better food future. Ultimately, she aims to help build and support a more sustainable, inclusive, and nutritious food system.

Currently she is:
• Working as an Associate at the entrepreneurial innovation engine Thought For Food, helping to build the world's first digital food and agriculture accelerator platform optimized to support the next generation of food & ag innovators around the world

• Working on projects at AgFunder, the agrifood tech news and venture capital platform

• Promoting her book, "Hungry For Disruption: How Tech Innovations Will Nourish 10 Billion by 2050," which explores how breakthrough innovations in smart agriculture, farming systems, genomics, cellular agriculture, and food waste management will play a key role in the future of food and agriculture

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• Studying Hospitality Business Management & Information Science at Cornell University 

Shen grew up in Malaysia and previously lived in Singapore. In her free time, she loves to cook & bake, go to Farmers Markets, box, spin, and watch Suits and Chef's Table.