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Shen Ming Lee is an author, advocate, and ecosystem builder passionate about agrifood tech and social impact. She is the author of Hungry For Disruption: How Tech Innovations Will Nourish 10 Billion By 2050 and previously founded two social food ventures. Through her work, Shen aims to help build thriving ecosystems that can support a more sustainable, connected, and innovative food system. She has worked to support the agrifood innovation ecosystem through her work at Thought For Food, GROW, and FoodFutureCo.

Currently she is:

• Fighting global food waste & loss at CRUST Group

• Freelancing for mission-aligned organizations
• Promoting her book, "Hungry For Disruption: How Tech Innovations Will Nourish 10 Billion by 2050," which explores how breakthrough innovations in smart agriculture, farming systems, genomics, cellular agriculture, and food waste management will play a key role in the future of food and agriculture

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A lover of all things gastronomy and avocado, Shen grew up in Malaysia and previously lived in Singapore and New York. In her free time, she loves to cook & bake, go to Farmers’ Markets, box, spin, and watch Chef's Table.