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Shen Ming Lee has spoken at global food and agriculture conferences and corporate events/workshops and is a member of the US Chapter of the Keynote Women Speakers Directory. She speaks about breakthrough innovations in the future of food and agriculture and about pursuing passion with purpose and the power of creating your own definition of success.

Some of her engagements include:

UWCSEA Class of 2022 Graduation Guest Speaker Address

• Panel at South China Morning Post's Asia Sustainability Conference 2021

• CLSA Investors & Client Talk - "Hungry For Disruption: The Future of Food"

NUS Enterprise x BoP Hub "Hungry for Disruption: Opportunities for a Better Food Future" Talk 2020

• TEDx Talk - "Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Be An Entrepreneur" 

Panel at the Global Food Security Symposium 2019 (by the CGIAR)

• Panel at Future Food Asia Singapore 2019(by ID Capital)

• YPO Members Talk - "Passion with Purpose and the Future of Food"

Shen offers two distinct talks, "The Future of Food and Agriculture" and "Pursuing Passion with Purpose," for corporate workshops or keynote opportunities. For inquiries, please contact Shen directly by email.

The Future of Food and Agriculture

Shen speaks about harnessing the power of science and technology to transform our global food systems. With knowledge of breakthrough innovations across the entire food chain (including smart agriculture, novel farming systems, genomics, cellular agriculture, and food waste technology), Shen’s unique insights reveal how tech innovations can increase food production—both quantitatively and qualitatively—in an increasingly resource-scarce future. By revealing how technological advances help us re-imagine our food system, Shen gives her audiences hope that the future of nourishing the world is a sustainable, inclusive, and delicious one.

Pursuing Passion with Purpose

What does it mean to lead a fulfilling and passionate life? How do you build your own path, instead of following a set one? How do you build a career driven by impact rather than power? Shen shares her journey of pursuing passion with purpose and her key lessons on happiness and hustling. As a young person navigating the sometimes confusing and complex world we live in, she speaks about re-defining and rejecting a broken definition of success in today’s society. Ultimately, Shen hopes to inspire others to pursue their truest purpose and to be their most authentic selves.

Selected Testimonials

“Shen was challenged to present to an audience with varying levels of knowledge on the future of food, shedding light on the under-discussed effects of food on climate change. Her energy and passion on the subject matter shone through in her well structured presentation, while her ability to delve into technical details demonstrated her in-depth understanding of the concerns at hand. An eloquent and insightful speaker whom I highly recommend.”

—Kit Lim, Country Head of CLSA Securities Malaysia

“Shen Ming Lee captivated her multi-generational audience telling the story of her personal journey and the pursuit of her passion. She spoke eloquently and optimistically on the opportunities and need for disruption in the food chain to feed the growing global population and to address negative effects of the food industry on climate and land use.”

—Caroline Russell, CEO of Boh Plantations, Former Trustee of WWF Malaysia and Former Member of the General Committee of the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“Deep insightful sharing by Shen at the YPO event. It was like there were 3 experts wrapped in one: a young 21-year-old sharing her life journey, a TED speaker sharing her knowledge on food, and an entrepreneur talking knowledgeably about her venture and also on the oncoming disruption in the food industry!

I was, to put it mildly, speechless...”

—Dhakshinamoorthy Balakhrishnan, Founder & CEO of Startup Malaysia

“Shen's sharing of "Passion with Purpose and the Future of Food" was a delight to listen to. Her passion, drive, knowledge and authenticity is incredible and clearly shows in her presentation. She will be amongst one of the top passionate, impactful entrepreneurs to watch in the coming years!”

—Elizabeth Wong

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